Visual ASMR


Creative Direction Onesal
Art Direction Damian Sendin
Art Direction Fede Kanno
Design Damian Sendin
Design Fede Kanno
Design Alex Levinton
Animation Nahuel Salcedo
Animation Alex Levinton
Animation Damian Sendin
Animation Lilen Herrera
Animation Koji Obara
Simulation Artist David Kvien
Simulation Artist Alex Levinton
Simulation Artist Nahuel Salcedo
Producers Ailin Brunner
Producers Lucia Gutkin
Producers Feng Li
Sound Echoic Studio

Research Matters

Onesal - University of Adelaide

Significant Otherness

Onesal - Pause Fest 2019 - Significant Otherness

At The Beginning Of Everything

Onesal - Deloitte - At The Beginning Of Everything