Client CCTV - Central China Television
Agency MMIA
Director of Creation Zhou Jiahong
Art Director Wu Hao
Copyrighter Zhou Jiahong, Sophia Xu
Storyboard Wu Hao, Liang Yuanchun
Production Company TROUBLEMAKERS & weareflink
Director Niko Tziopanos
Producer - TROUBLEMAKERS James Hagger
Producer - weareflink Andreas Lampe
3D & Compositing Alexander Heyer
Artist 3D Philipp Von Preuschen
Artist 3D Timo Schaedel
Ink and Live Action Thore Bornemann
Ink and Live Action Felix Martens
Production Manager Catharina Foelling
Assistante de Production Aurelie Da Silva
Music & Sound Design Supreme Music, Florian Lakenmacher
Motion Capture MoCap Lab, Remi Brun, Frank Vayssettes, Thomas Oger
Taiji Performer Alexandre Thorlet
Joker Willi Wutz
Tagline Believe in the power of the brand
CCTV水墨宣传片 《相信品牌的力量》
German Design Award 2012 Nominated
Shooting Award Silver for Best Sound Design
Shooting Award Gold for Best Advertising of 2009
China Advertising Festival 2009 Gold - Best Public Advertising
China Advertising Festival 2009 Gold - Best Advertising of the year
Promax BDA Asia 2009 Gold - Best Out of House Promo
Promax BDA Asia 2009 Gold Best Animation
Longxi Awards 2010 Bronze - Best Post Production
China Advertising Festival 2010 Gold
Chinese Element Creative Award 2010 Grand Medal
New York Festivals 2010 Gold World Medal
Adfest 2010 Silver for Best Visual Effects
Spikes Asia 2010 Gold - Best Special Effects
VDW Award 2010 Best Animation
Red Dot Awards 2011 Best Of The Best

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