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Mato Atom

Mato is a director, art director/ designer represented by internationally acclaimed production companies. He transplanted to New York City by way of Switzerland and worked for clients & brands such as Coca-Cola, O2, BBC, WWF, Mars, LVMH/ Belvedere, Infiniti, Activision, Herta, Molson, Miller, to name a few, with production companies such as  Psyop, Paranoid-US and DUCK. His expertise lays in combining strong visual concepts and art direction with the knowledge of technical and production aspects to ensure all the details are perfectly created no matter if animation, live-action mixed with CG and VFX. A self-described hobby-astronomer without a telescope, Mato is named by Print Magazine one of the design industry’s rising stars under 30 in the publication’s “New Visual Artists 2009” issue, Atom’s work features diverse styles. He comments, “Each project I undertake requires a different approach and each new job and pitch is a welcome challenge to me.”

The films of Mato Atom

mato_atom_wwf_threads_all_awards WWF
WWF - Threads
mato_atom_herta_knacki_ball3 Herta
Knacki Ball
Herta - Knacki Ball
mato_atom_bbc_720p BBC World Service
The Iraqi Oil Minister
BBC World Service - The Iraqi Oil Minister
mato_atom_pods_giza Pods
Pods - Giza
mato_atom_meteor_site Belvedere
Belvedere - Meteor
mato_atom_o2_weihnachtszauber O2
O2 - Weihnachtszauber
mato_atom_coke_doggy_web Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola - Doggy
mato_atom_miller_tattoo Miller
Miller - Tattoo
Miller - Tattoo
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mato_atom_molson_ready_bottles Moison
Party Ready Bottle
Moison - Party Ready Bottle
mato_atom_motleybird_the_tree_web Motley Bird
The Tree
Motley Bird - The Tree
Motley Bird - The Tree
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The Illustrations of Mato Atom

Mato Atom Bavaria Pitch Leather jacket style-frame Print
Print - Bavaria
WWF Print We Are All Connected Indolence Mato Atom Troublemakers WWF
WWF - Indolence
WWF Print We Are All Connected Pulse Mato Atom Troublemakers WWF
WWF - Pulse
WWF Print We Are All Connected Somewhere Mato Atom Troublemakers WWF
WWF - Somewhere
WWF - Somewhere
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Mato Atom Print Campaign for web HIV Free Print
Born Hiv Free
Print - Born Hiv Free
Print - Born Hiv Free
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Troublemakers is an award winning production company based in the heart of Paris. We represent French & international directors who specialise in live action, 2D and 3D animation to create solid innovative images and state of the art digital content for the advertising industry.

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Jordan Bruner, Douglas Bowden, Eoin Duffy, Nicholas Weigel, Trizz, Burcu & Geoffrey, Jens & Anna, Anthony Scott Burns, Wolfberg, Mate Steinforth, Clemens Wirth, We Think Things, WeWereMonkeys, David Lobser, Icecream, Scott Benson, Lucas Zanotto, Dani Wolf, Mato Atom, Jon Yeo, Damien Steck, Onur Senturk, Brian Mah, Julien Faure, Special Guests.

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