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Lucas Zanotto

Lucas Zanotto comes from a product and graphic design background. After receiving his design diploma in Milan, he worked in different international design studios. He slowly grew more and more interest in directing and started focusing on motion graphics. Upon leaving Milan, he spend a period of time in Barcelona before settling in Berlin. His work has been awarded in different international festivals. He has received a Golden Design Lion in Cannes, Gold at the Promax International, the HAFF, the ITFS and at the Ottawa Animation Film Festival. He loves mixing different medias and exploring new ways of creating animations. The way he combines classic animation and digital media, gives his films a very modern and analogue feel.

The films of Lucas Zanotto

Drones and Cake - Telia - Lucas Zanotto - Troublemakers Telia
Drones and Cake
Telia - Drones and Cake
Antartik - Liderpapel - Lucas Zanotto - Troublemakers Liderpapel
Liderpapel - Antartik
Loopimal App Yatatoy
Loopimal App
Yatatoy - Loopimal App
Kindle paperwhite chinese commercial paper book cardboard Kindle
Paper and Pen
Kindle - Paper and Pen
Kindle - Paper and Pen
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lucas_zanotto_the_real_bears CSPI
The Real Bears
CSPI - The Real Bears
lucas_zanotto_the_ostrich Short Film
The Ostrich
Short Film - The Ostrich
Short Film - The Ostrich
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Troublemakers is an award winning production company based in the heart of Paris. We represent French & international directors who specialise in live action, 2D and 3D animation to create solid innovative images and state of the art digital content for the advertising industry.

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