17 Oct. 2017

Wolfberg: Staropramen’s story


With Staropramen Neighbourhood, Wolfberg makes us find out more about this Praguian beer which exists since 1869. This film traces Staropramen’s story and Wolfberg was able to capture the atmosphere, the fellowship and the solidarity of this time. Nazdraví!

Staropramen Neighbourhood

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10 Oct. 2017

Lucas Zanotto and the mechanics of the Eyes


Lucas Zanotto has always had a gift for making clever and fun mechanisms. With Eyes, he decided to create a series of mechanical installations that he’s had on his mind for a while. This film shows different kinds of eyes: crying eyes, reading eyes, annoyed eyes, a monocle eye …


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9 Oct. 2017

Roman Valent does a Playback of O2


Roman Valent brings us Playback, the third film he made from the O2 series. We cross paths once again with the Smart Network character who brings a totally different universe, where, once more everything is connected, with its bluish and electric colors. The film was shot in one day in Prague with many playful camera and light tricks.

O2 - Playback

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18 Aug. 2017

Wolfberg rolls with a Buffalo


Wolfberg directed a bold 40 seconds film for Hunky Dorys, with eight intrepid women on their roller skates and a real buffalo, symbolising independence and confidence. The buffalo does whatever he wants, goes wherever he wants, and this is the spirit that inspires these women on their journey. This film was shot in Prague, the particular mood was set by using dry ice and neon lighting to evoke a slightly sci-fi atmosphere.

Hunky Dorys

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14 Aug. 2017

Jonathan Zames gives us his perfect moments


This ingeniously orchestrated film with its domino effect, was directed by JonathanZames for Canon. It combines movements triggered by a rolling lens cap, offering unique and matching photo opportunities. These perfectly timed photos include flowers frozen in the air, a dog helping to lift a gate or a water balloon that bursts at the perfect moment. The goal is to show that a perfect image can be taken during your everyday life, as long as you have the right camera in your hands.

Perfect Moments

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2 Aug. 2017

Mate Steinforth presents Project Fi for Google


Bubbles follows a visual approach that relies on materiality and animation. The director, Mate Steinforth specializes in super realistic CGI executions that allows him to push the boundaries of what is physically possible. This fun project for Google consists of oddly satisfying shapes and textures in elaborate, tactile forms, presenting the new Project Fi.


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1 Aug. 2017

Lucas Zanotto tells the story of Wimbledon


This spot for the Wimbledon 140 years anniversary, directed by Lucas Zanotto was built purely out of archive material. After running through and categorising over 80.000 preselected pictures, the team started arranging sequences in a frame animation technique in order to bring out a certain dynamic and have a smooth result. This film shows decades of the best games and greatest victories that Wimbledon has been able to count.

140 Years of Wimbledon

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5 Jul. 2017

Audi’s evolution seen by Onur Senturk


Directed by Onur Senturk and produced by for Romance Paris Agency, to celebrate les 24H du Mans, this cinema film tells the story of Audi’s evolution throughout the years. We see the logo’s rings change one after another, each symbolising an iconic Audi car, from different era. From metal, to rubber, carbon and finally electricity. The Sound of Tomorrow embodies the transition from the combustion engine past to the evolution of the electric car engine.

The sound of Tomorrow

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30 Jun. 2017

Douglas Bowden shows us Strava’s machinery


Douglas Bowden created a unique personalized film, My year in sport, that tells the story of every Strava athlete’s. Strava is the social network for athletes — a website and mobile app that helps runners and cyclists track their activities. With this film, Douglas takes us into the multiple sport’s disciplines, such as running showed with the running shoes, or cycling represented by the machinery and chains.

My Year in Sport

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23 Jun. 2017

Onur Senturk presents OFFF Milano 2017


For OFFF Milano 2017, Onur Senturk wanted to create the perfect collaboration and invited artists, designers and craftsmen to join forces for the production. For this work, Onur Senturk used special effects, which gave an architectural or even cubic aspect to certain shots. He also required the assistance of a sculptor to add another dimension, this improvement brings a sumptuous depiction to the whole film. The music elevates and compliments these images that offer different but complementary universes.

OFFF Milano 2017

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