23 May. 2018

When Chocapic pillows collide


A galaxy rethought by Onur Senturk with greedy cereals as asteroids, which explode by the force of flavors. produced this film for McCann Paris that takes us to the edge of the universe and marks a power through the dynamics of its animation as well as its colourful environment reflecting an explosive work.

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22 May. 2018

Welcome to Laurent La Rosa!


Laurent La Rosa is a french director and composer. He studied music and piano and got his degree from the Académie de musique prince rainier III de Monaco. When he moved to Paris, he discovered the artist scenery, photographers, stage and film directors, musicians… His interactions with those artists led him to the world of documentary, he directed portraits of artists such as Mathieu Chedid, Angus Stone or Pendentif. Very soon he started to explore the fashion film world, and grew his own idea of it. Mixing fiction and beauty, he created a fancy and rough approach. His work is highlighted by his iconic campaign for french ready to wear brand the Kooples. He also did campaigns for Celio, colorful and full of life, under the soft sun of Miami or in the urban world of New York, appropriating spaces to his creation. His campaigns are often broadcasted on TV or in movie theaters; amongst others, the Kooples campaign.

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18 May. 2018

Discover Foxtel’s new logo with Douglas Bowden


In this new movie for Foxtel, Douglas Bowden wows us once more with his game on forms and texture. Together with MAUD, Douglas explored how the newly redesigned Foxtel logo can be brought to life. His visual art transforms still life into motion action while playing with a variety of colors.

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17 May. 2018

Let’s fly away with Wolfberg


In their latest film, Wolfberg portray the true story of a man who stands against an oppressive government in order to fulfill his dream. In the film made to celebrate the seventieth year of Favorit bikes, we follow the cyclist who, deprived of his passion in his own country, decides to escape in order to find his freedom.

23 Apr. 2018

Motion Graphics is in TROUBLE !


It’s always a pleasure to see our work on paper. It’s an honor to see two of TROUBLEMAKERS’ movies on the new edition of Motion Graphics: 100 Design Projects You Can’T Miss ! High Windows by Onur Senturk and The Wasteland by Icecream are found in captivating images and thoroughly described in the book.

13 Apr. 2018

A trip through time with Wolfberg


Roamophobia, the new movie for Etisalat by Wolfberg, takes us on a journey full of discoveries and adventures. In their trip through time with comic twists, the directing duo show us a dreamy world of travels filled with fantasy and new destinations.


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6 Apr. 2018

Dare to express yourself with Jonathan Zames!


Blind dating is risky, finding someone who isn’t completely honest is even more risky, so who better than google to suggest the right choice and avoid the worst?
This is what Jonathan Zames shows us here, faithful to himself, highlighting the absurd side of blind dating.

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28 Mar. 2018

Viviane Blumenschein joins Troublemakers!


The Troublemakers team is very pleased to announce the arrival of Viviane Blumenschein.
Viviane is a commercial director and script-writer with a background in documentary and fiction. Her true power is to communicate using her specific sensitivity whiles forging powerful visuals. She has acquired a strong sense of wisdom and storytelling through her travels around the planet.

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21 Mar. 2018

Welcome to Dan Sadgrove


The Troublemakers team is excited to welcome and sign the talented director Dan Sadgrove, a true globetrotter who has been travelling the planet for the last 5 years hunting for images. With a background in anthropology and ethnomusicology, he is very much interested in different cultures and often travels to atypical places on the planet. What emerges from his films are his keen sense of aesthetics, his desire to explore new horizons and his connection to the planet.

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7 Feb. 2018

Yael’s Troubles


Having a child is not always easy. This is what the talented Jordan Bruner shows us here by telling the story of Yael, daughter of a mother who fell into depression at birth and who in turn will have difficulty conquering this sickness with her own children.
With an aesthetics that is both childlike and sophisticated, Jordan Bruner takes us into her melancholy world, but with a hint of hope.

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