Raymond - Technosmart

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Directed by Onur Senturk

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Technosmart a new film by Onur Senturk produced by Troublemakers. His animated film takes us on a journey inside of the human brain. Intertwined in chaotic and magical visuals, and guided through moving waves of electric and flickering neurons, Onur clearly conveys Raymond's signature- the world’s smartest fabrics.


  • ClientRaymond
  • AgencyFamous
  • Production Company Troublemakers
  • DirectorOnur Senturk
  • ProducerJames Hagger
  • Production AssistantFelipe Bernard
  • 3D Cloth SimulationClovis Gay
  • Lighting & RendersRiccardo Cecchinato
  • Lighting & RendersMaxim Goudin
  • Modeling & 3D AnimationOnur Senturk
  • Modeling & 3D AnimationOmer Kasimoglu
  • Modeling & 3D AnimationAlexey Kashpersky
  • Nuke CompositerOlivier Lukaszczyk
  • Nuke CompositerAlexandre Ribeiro
  • Music & Sound DesignJochen Mader-Audionerve
  • Local ProductionRansom Film
  • ProducerSuhana Sharma

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Troublemakers is an award winning production company based in the heart of Paris. We represent French & international directors who specialise in live action, 2D and 3D animation to create solid innovative images and state of the art digital content for the advertising industry.

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