Darty - Best Of

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Directed by Icecream

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The idea of Best Of was to keep a thread between each billboards without losing a playful aspect. The interest was to create simple and clean worlds and designs for each topic, in a composition where the logo would still be central and present throughout the animation.


  • TitleSNCF Tactile, Jeu Video, Speedtube, Tifo, Passes.
  • LengthSNCF 5 x 8 Sec
  • ClientSNCF Darty
  • AgenceSNCF H - Paris
  • Art DirectorSNCF Didier Richarth
  • CopywriterSNCF Jean-Yves Delvolgo
  • Agency TV ProducerSNCF Agathe Naffah
  • Ingrid Vasseur

  • Production CompanySNCF
  • Director / Art DirectorSNCF Icecream
  • Executive ProducerSNCF James Hagger
  • Production AssistantSNCF Mélanie Aguilar Fauconnier
  • Sound DesignSNCF Grabuge Production
  • Jerome Hatchuel

  • TaglineSNCF Le contrat de confiance

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Troublemakers is an award winning production company based in the heart of Paris. We represent French & international directors who specialise in live action, 2D and 3D animation to create solid innovative images and state of the art digital content for the advertising industry.

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Anthony Scott Burns, Arev Manoukian, Brian Mah, Burcu & Geoffrey, Clemens Wirth, Damien Steck, Daniel Brown, Douglas Bowden, Icecream, Jordan Bruner, Joshua Harvey, Karni & Saul, Lucas Zanotto, Mate Steinforth, Onur Senturk, Raphael Vangelis, Scott Benson, Simon Clowes, Special Guests, Trizz, We Think Things, Wolfberg.

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